Battle it out, girl on girl with this collection of card games! Cardangels sets you against various opponents across Japan in four different types of game: Poker, Blackjack, Babanuki and Speed. The games are streamlined versions, and there is no betting taking place here - you win or lose a hand and the winner gets points. If you beat the CPU by the end of the match, you go on to the next game, or next chapter in the story. Poker is fairly standard - you are dealt a hand, chose which cards to hold and are dealt more before the round ends. Blackjack is plain and simple. Babanuki is a version of Old Maid. Each player has a hand of cards and must take a card from the other player. If you get a pair, you discard them. This whittles down your hand until one person loses by holding the Joker. Speed involves stacks of 3 cards each. Two cards are placed in the centre of the table and you get to place cards on top from your stacks - but only if they are immediately higher or lower. The first person to clear their cards is the winner. Of course, all this is presented complete with anime gals that strip down to their underwear when you beat them, just to give you that little bit extra incentive of course.

You never really expect an awful lot from borderline hentai games, particularly card games (AV Poker being a typical example). However, there is something quite good about Cardangels. It's not only the presentation, which is very attractive, but also the choice of games. Poker and Blackjack are givens, but Babanuki and Speed are not commonly seen in this style of game. Also, the rounds move on at a pretty fast pace, no waiting around for the computer to pretend it's thinking and no working out how much to bet. Just simple, straightforward, fast gameplay. There are few options to choose from as well, from the number of rounds (from 10 to 200!), to CPU speed. I was expecting rubbish from this, but I enjoyed it more then I thought I would, and it's certainly better than any of the Games Express efforts. If you're in the mood for some card action and don't mind the ladies showing off their bras then you could do a lot worse.

GAME SELECT: When the character profile screen appears, hold down SELECT and one of the following to choose your game: UP for Poker, DOWN for Speed, LEFT for Babanuki and RIGHT for Blackjack.
SECRET PICTURE: Enter JOKER, JOKER, ACE OF SPADES on the password screen for a secret image!





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